One day, I was a KING, I used to rule!

I had a Sword(heaviest)

I was a Sköll. A worrior, A LION.

• My Heart and fire!

• My Sword and Power!

• My life and Kingdom

•My world and Honesty

I used to….. I used to….

A defeat…… A defeat…..

• Broken Heart and My world

• Broken Sword and My soul

• Broken Bones and my Shoulders

• Broken voice and crying City

It was a Defeat! I lost everything!

My life my Kingdom my family and My sword !

A Defeat….. A Defeat…..

He was Powerful, Ruling my world, Ruling my Kingdom.

I was finished!

I had(have) nothing!

I wanted my Kingdom back, I wanted my life back! But …..


But Where is my power ?

But Where is my Sword?

But Where is my life?

Nothing… Nothing…

Answer was nothing !


I still have that Fire in my heart!

I still have that power in my soul!

I still have my sword in my hand!

Again …… AGAIN….

I saw someone …. Who is she ??

My life my Kingdom?

My World my Fire?

My Family my Heart?

Just one second!

“I was A king??”

Maybe yes ,

She said ,”Jarvish = King”

She said ,”Sköll”

A worrior

” I lost that battle”

But She said ” yes, because you are honest, and this world is not for you!”

I realised,” They can beat me, but they can’t Defeat me!”

Fight Fight Fight …….. I am ready to Fight!

That Sword!

That Heart!

That Fire!

That Life!

Question …… Question……

My Kingdom really want me back?

Waiting for me to bounce back?

I don’t know!

No one knows!

Oh God …. Oh God….

God,” Never Give Up my son, Never Give Up!”