•Even the innocent child will be forced in the shoes of pain put on his feet by someone else!

•As long as this concept of love exists in this world, there is no running from all the hatred and darkness!

•People want to be loved forever but can’t love the same person forever. Everyone says they won’t leave but they do and that is the harsh reality!

•You say they won’t leave but how sure are you? How hard can you count on them? How much do they love you? Are you sure one day they just won’t keep everything behind and start the same shit with someone else?

•Maybe they will stay, maybe they won’t. But one thing that stays forever is the memories that are left behind, memories better defined as pain. 

Love is the beautiful thing to have in you, but every beautiful thing has something ugly inside them. If love is what keeps us alive, then we’re all f*cked up!

– Jarvish Macwan