Once I was twelve years old, my mother told me,”Go out and play.”
It was a big world and I was alone, I made some good friends.

Once I was thirteen years old, my best friend told me, ” Let’s play football⚽️”
It was a big big ball, I got hit some times, But I was learning.

Once I was fourteen years old, my grandma told me about Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary.
I went to church to see em’. And it made me feel good to meet em’.

Once I was fifteen years old, My Jesus told me about love and this life.
Life is short but love is not.

Once I was sixteen years old, My friends told, “Let’s smoke and try some liquor”
But I didn’t try it and that wasn’t even for me!

Once I was seventeen years old, And I fell in love with a beautiful girl.
She was amazing and her fragrance was so ..❣️

Once I was eighteen years old, My girlfriend told me, ” We will always be together ”
” You are mine and I’m yours”

Once I was nineteen years old, My grandpa told me, ” It’s time to ride a bike now!”
It was a superb feeling ! And I was on the 6th gear!

Once I was twenty years old, She literally broke my heart on my 20th birthday.
And I realised her promises were fake. And she’s with another guy now!

Soon I will be thirty years old, and I will learn about life and more,
And I will make my family proud.

Soon I will be thirty one , I will marry a lady and make her life wonderful.

And I won’t be sixty years old because I want to die young as late as possible.

Once I was twelve years old! 😞