In my dictionary, Forever is equal to 3 years 2 months and 6 days. But forever means always; for all future time. Forever means permanent, means endless.
But the irony is that people use this word with no sense. People say forever but how sure are they?!! How can they use such a word without any meaning?! Even they start counting promises on the base of this word “forever”.
And sometimes, just sometimes when people say forever, they really mean it. They really want things forever just because they don’t know the truth. And we start imagine future! But it’s really hard to stay forever in someone’s life.
First they say forever and they leave when they find someone/something better. We feel cheated after all these shits.
Forever has its own definition. Just remove first “f”, first “r” and first “e”.

The secret of my life is,
I do believe in forever, I really think that things can be forever. And one day someone or something will prove it.
– Jarvish Macwan